Twenty yearsA postal solution for every dispatch...

Small, large, demanding… Europost has a solution for every type of dispatch, irrespective of the destination. Make the most of our decisive experience for your direct marketing campaigns and for the management of your corporate correspondence. Discover our website, and all the services and solutions that have made us unique for 20 years now.

Europost, and more?

Creation, delivery, printing… Europost has been the specialist for your correspondence and direct marketing campaigns for 20 years.

But Europost is far more.

We manage all the shipping and handling steps of your mailings: insertion in envelopes, dispatching, personalisation, etc. Our direct marketing specialists will advise and guide you on how to create your documents and help you meet the legal obligations of the post.

We provide: . Manual or mechanical folding. . Insertion of one or more documents in envelopes, with or without correlation. . Inserting. . Film wrapping and tube packaging - Machine or pp franking. . Folding and assembly of boxes and folders. . Gluing. . CD. Our laser and inkjet machines enable us to address envelopes directly up to A3 format, within times that defy all competition.

You can benefit from preferential postal rates thanks to our national or international postal sorting.

Europost provides full advice on how to optimise a medium unlike any other: mailing. We will see to the production, printing, insertion in envelopes, plastic wrapping or even folding.

Europost will handle the sorting, franking, delivery to the post office, as well as the preparation and franking your dispatches, taking due account of sorting in accordance with conditions and requirements of different postal services.

The service also includes: the preparation of mailing campaigns based on a file of addresses sent by e-mail, layout, direct mail, printing and inserting one or more documents in envelopes.

You can be sure of one thing: your mail will reach its destination in the most efficacious manner.

Example: With the “daily mail” formula, our driver will show up every day (at the reception or any place you have indicated beforehand) to pick up your mail for Belgium or abroad. This pickup will be carried out at your convenience, in general, at the end of the day. The mail will then be checked in our warehouses before it is sorted and franked and then delivered to the post offices as promptly as possible. The daily verification of your dispatches is monitored by means of a status that enables you to check your bill and manage the franking costs down to the last cent. This arrangement ultimately turns out to be less costly than if you had carried out this operation yourself.

Irrespective of the dispatch, Europost complies with your specifications, thanks to a high-tech infrastructure that enables us to meet essential requirements in record time.

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4 reasons to choose Europost.

We are present everywhere in Europe and stress the core values we hold dear, which moreover enable us to deliver your mail as promptly as possible.

There can be no doubt: with Europost, it’s well sent.

  • We know that mail can carry information that is as topical as it is eminently important. We therefore guarantee that all our files and actions will be treated with absolute confidentiality.

  • Europost was created in 1993, and will this year be celebrating 20 years of placing our expertise and values in the service of our customers – so that we can continue to grow and make excellence part and parcel of the dispatching of your mail.

  • The transport of mail is a mission that entails an essential notion: confidence. That is why we opted to apply the most stringent internal quality control procedures.

  • One mail is not like another; every dispatch is different. This requires flexibility, compliance with deadlines without fail, and adaptation to all your needs.

A wide range of services.

We deliver mail and solutions.

With Europost, there is one motto only: flexibility. We adapt to your needs to bring you all the right solutions.

  • File processing: standardisation, deduplication, enrichment, etc. Digital postal standardisation and sheet-by-sheet personalisation, from black and white to four colour printing.
  • Inkjet personalisation for non-standard envelopes and formats. Personalisation of several documents for mailing with optical control. Complete handling: cut to format, folding, collation, etc.
  • Insertion of all standard and non-standard formats in envelops. Insertion and possible machine gluing of three dimensional objects such as CDs, keys, samples, etc. Blister wrapping of mailings, magazines, catalogues, etc.

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